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Who Are YouWho Are You? 101 Ways of Seeing Yourself

by Malcolm Godwin
Penguin USA, 224 pps.
ISBN, 0140196099

I can't remember the last time I had so much fun with a book. This book is beautifully illustrated, creatively designed, filled with useful information and a joyous invitation to self-discovery.

Coaches and self-coaches alike will love this book because it consists of over one hundred assessments. The assessments are each concisely presented in a single spread of the book. First comes a description of the assessment, followed by the assessment itself and directions for how to take it. The assessments are clustered into four major categories which make up the four sections of the book: body types, feeling types, thinking types and spiritual types.

Any reader who has been engaged in self-awareness will recognize at least some of the assessments. For example, in the section on Body Types, there is an assessment around whether you are an endomorph, mesomorph or ectomorph; in the Feeling Types section there is an assessment around archetypes; one of the Thinking Type assessments is about the Enneagram and the Spiritual Types section includes as one of its assessments the chakras. Yet, no matter how self-aware you may be, I can't imagine you won't find several fresh assessments to help you know yourself a little better.

Because each spread in the book is a self-contained assessment, this is a book that you can spend as little as ten minutes with and walk away with something of value. Don't miss adding this book to your personal library.








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