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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Chris Columbus
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint et al.

Length: 121 minutes
Rated: PG
Studio: Warner Home Video

“Do you believe in magic? Is it important for coaches and leaders to believe in magic? I think so.

Coaching is part art, part knowledge, part magic. So is leadership. And, there’s no better movie than this one to remind us that we all need a little magic in our lives…along with faith, friendship, guidance, and trust in our own wisdom.

Whenever a society gets excited about something, we need to pay attention. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone created a huge buzz when it hit the bookshelves, and people were enthralled. Young and old alike read the book, many read it multiple times; people stood in line at bookstores, or preordered online, when the second book in the series was offered. And the third, and the fourth. (And we’ve had a long wait for book #5!)

Why the enthrallment? The buzz? Well, maybe we miss the magic in our lives.

We don’t want to ruin the fun. So…here are some things to notice as you watch the film.

  • Look for faith when Harry needs to find Platform 9 3/4.
  • Look for Harry-as-leader - with purpose and resolve.
  • Look for Harry-as-team-player and friend, relying on his friends and supporting them, saving them, or playing with them.
  • Look for Harry-as-seeker ~ he is a “seeker” on the Quidditch team, and how else is he a seeker?
  • Look for Harry-as-declarer ~ standing in his own power and standing for what he believes is right.
  • Look for Harry-as-oriented-to-the-good-of all, able to stand up to evil.
  • Look for Harry-as-courageous, from living with the deadly Dursleys to dealing with the troll and the three-headed horrible dog and all the other dastardly people in the movie.
  • Look for Harry-the-big-hearted in various scenes – and also, I can’t resist, Hagrid-the-big-hearted.
  • Look for Harry-the-rule-breaker ~ isn’t it delicious to break the rules sometimes?

Enjoy yourself!

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