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Who Are YouMasteryful Coaching

by Robert Hargrove
Jossey-Bass, 240 pps.
ISBN: 0787947555

This is the best business leadership coaching book I’ve read to date. It opens with a strong case for the business need for coaching today and shows leaders how to integrate coaching into their leadership style using compelling business examples. Hargrove takes the stand that coaching is about more than developing people – it’s about better business performance. If you aren’t experiencing breakthrough achievements with your coaching, then your definition of coaching is too limiting.

His book is highly readable and interactive. Each chapter’s content is interspersed with reflections, 1:1 coaching activities, group coaching activities, practice assignments and lots of real life case studies and examples. If you commit yourself to doing each of his exercises and activities you will in essence take yourself through a self-directed coaching course. I am successfully using this book as the “text” for a coaching learning circle I facilitate with executives.

For me, the strength of his content was in the following areas:

  • The emphasis on creating a personal coaching mindset/mission and a teachable point of view
  • Coaching towards breakthrough goals or projects
  • Identification and description of six “caps” a coach wears: declaring possibility cap, assessment cap. teaching and advising cap, drawing others out cap, reframing cap, forwarding action cap
  • His five-step model of coaching

Masterful Coaching Fieldbook is a tremendous companion to Be Your Own Coach . Hargrove grounds coaching in the business world using many of the skills and techniques introduced in Be Your Own Coach. If you are looking for ways to transfer the coaching process described in Be Your Own Coach into the business demands you face as a leader, then invest in Hargrove’s book.









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