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Living Your Best Life:
Work, Home, Balance, Destiny: Ten Strategies for Getting from Where You Are to Where You're Meant to Be
by Laura Berman Fortgang.

J P Tarcher, 224pp
ISBN: 1585420921
Publication Date: 2001

Living Your Best Life, written by professional coach Laura Berman Fortgang, is equally valuable to coaches and those who want to coach themselves. She divides the book into three major sections: Reckoning, The Doing and The Being. Each section is full of ideas, key points, exercises, and writing practices, and Fortgang provides an excellent summary at the end of each chapter.

“Reckoning” is a wonderful word to capture coming to terms with where you are in this moment. Fortgang emphasizes that she is not interested in looking backwards (that is the role of psychotherapists), but rather that in this stage you need to “get over yourself” and move forward. To do this, one of the key strategies Fortgang suggests is asking oneself “Wisdom Access Questions.” These questions are based on her belief that everyone has the wisdom within to work their way through whatever they are facing in the moment. She offers examples of these in the Appendix of her book. (We agree with Fortgang! You will find more questions oriented to tapping your wisdom in Be Your Own Coach on pages 75-78 in the section on Inquiry.

In the section on Doing, which is about how to create the life you want, Fortgang makes a number of significant distinctions such as between passion and adrenaline, inspiration and ego, good guilt and bad guilt, opportunity and seduction. She also has a chapter on purpose in this section, which offers some useful exercises on how to uncover one’s purpose. For more on this subject see a previous review of Finding Your Purpose.

The final section of the book is The Being. It moves into some of the spiritual dimensions of living your best life, including taking time for silence, accessing your intuition and faith, or giving up the need to know.

Fortgang calls herself a “wisdom coach” and I think this little book contains many gems of wisdom.








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