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Listen Up
How to Improve Relationships, Reduce Stress, and Be More Productive by Using the Power of Listening

by Larry Barker Ph.D., Kittie Watson Ph.D.
St. Martinís Press USA
   2000, 184pp.

A fundamental skill for any coach is the ability to listen. In fact, listening is the most powerful part of communication according to the authors. It doesnít matter how great you are as a speaker; if someone chooses not to listen to you, you canít make them.

However, you can understand the different ways that people listen. The authors outline four listening styles: People, Action, Content and Time Oriented. There is an assessment in the book that lets you uncover your listening preferences. Your listening preference can have a significant impact on whom you coach with the most ease and effectiveness. Anyone who coaches can benefit from learning their listening preference

Another important awareness for coaches is that we can experience listener burn-out. The authors offer self-observation exercises for how to notice when youíre reaching this point and ways to renew your listening reserves. Noticing your own burnout will help you stay in condition to coach.

The authors are both researchers, so the book is well-documented. It is not written like an academic book, however. It is rich with anecdotes and examples and is written in simple, easy to follow language. You can read it in an afternoon and come away with a deepened appreciation for the gift we offer others when we deeply listen to them.








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