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The Last Word on Power: Re-Invention for Leaders and Anyone Who Must Make the Impossible Happen

by Tracy Goss
   and Betty Sue Flowers (Editor)
Doubleday & Co., 1996, 288pp.

If, as a leader, the words “newness” “possibility” “breakthrough” “transformation” and “winning strategy” capture your imagination, this book will hold you, provoke your thinking, and inspire you towards your personal reinvention. If, as a coach, you are working with leaders whose success has been visible, but who want to push themselves to another level, this book will be invaluable. As well, this book provides ideas and insights for internal or external consultants to organizations.

One of the key ideas in this book is that one must first pay attention to re-inventing leaders before taking on the large task of organizational re-invention. To that end, Goss offers exercises to help you uncover your personal “winning strategy” – which is the way of being that you have developed to survive in most situations. She asserts that your winning strategy will ultimately limit you, keep you from achieving the breakthroughs you hope for, and keep you on a plateau in your career. This concept is also in Be Your Own Coach on pages 55-58. Goss enlarges the concept with ideas and exercises to help anyone identify their winning strategy and move from routine and unconscious actions to creating a new future filled with possibilities and breakthroughs.

For professional and self-coaches alike, this book is a template for opening to new ways of seeing and being. Goss challenges common and accepted ways of thinking, such as things “should” or “shouldn’t” “turn out,” and helps you to think about yourself differently. The “winning strategy” concept is incredibly powerful and has launched many conversations within our coaching communities. We have concluded that helping clients (including yourself) to see their winning strategy is the first step to helping them move to greater success and effortless power, regardless of their position. After reading this book and doing the exercises, we are convinced that achieving the impossible and creating breakthroughs are indeed doable, and in fact, necessary, for our own continued development.








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