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Groundhog Day:
Director: Harold Ramis
Starring: Bill Murray Chris Elliott Andie MacDowell ...

Length: 101 minutes
Rated: PG (MPAA)
Studio: Columbia TriStar Home Video

This is a terrific film for demonstrating two concepts (creating possibility and self-observation) from our book, Be Your Own Coach. If you’ve watched the film before, watch it again through the coaching lens.

When the film opens, Phil Conners (Bill Murray), a Pittsburgh weatherman is going to Punxsutawney to cover Ground Hog Day. He doesn’t want to go. And he makes sure others know it. Here is a situation where his perspective on his assignment is limiting possibility and not creating possibility. As you watch how he handles his first Ground Hog Day, reflect on how you limit your own possibilities.

He can hardly wait to get back to Pittsburgh, but finds himself detained due to a blizzard. Day after day, Phil awakens to repeat “yesterday” until he finally gets it right. And here is where the film delivers its most powerful coaching message. We get a unique insight into self-observation and self-correction as we watch as Phil tests one approach after another to his predicament. He tries seeing a psychiatrist, drinking, robbery, and suicide. And gradually he learns. Finally he engages in a practice of kindness and making the best out of what life gives him.

What a gift it would be if we could have a Ground Hog Day where we could self-observe, reflect and practice until we could get the outcomes we want.








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