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Finding Your Purpose:
A Guide to Personal

by Barbara J Braham
Crisp Publications, 103pp.
ISBN: 1560520728

The premise of this book is that we all have a purpose, but it is often disguised or hidden from view by five "masks." The reader is taken through each of the masks using a variety of self-discovery exercises. The unlayering process leads to a clearer sense of purpose.

The first mask is Busyness. To find one's purpose requires quiet time for reflection. If your life is lived from a To Do list, the antidote is to cultivate solitude. There are a variety of strategies offered for how you can build solitude into your life.

The second mask is What Will Other People Think? As long as we're living our life according to other people's expectations it is unlikely that we will live on purpose. The author suggests that you clarify your values so that you can live from the inside out instead of the outside in.

The third mask is I'm Not ___ Enough. Some people know their purpose and are afraid to live it because of low self-esteem. The book offers several tools for how you can build your self-esteem.

The fourth mask is Fear. To live a purposeful live is to live a courageous life. Fear can paralyze us from acting on our inner truth. The author encourages us to "stretch ourselves to be uncomfortable everyday" so that we can develop competence in risk taking behaviors. Living on purpose means living with integrity and that takes courage.

Finally, an over concern with Having - money, status, position - can prevent us from knowing and fulfilling our purpose. We need to take the radical step of focusing on who we're Being and the Having will evolve from there.

If you're looking for a practical guide to uncovering your purpose, this slim volume is for you!









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