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now discover you strengthsExecutive Coaching: Practices and Perspectives
by Catherine Fitzgerald
Davies-Black Pub., 392 pp
ISBN: 0891061614
Publication Date: Mar 2002

Fitzgerald and Berger invited a variety of executive coaches to write articles for this book which is organized into five parts. Part 1 shows three different perspectives on executive coaching. All three articles stimulated me to think about the models that guide my coaching practice. If you've been reading the other books we've recommended, this Part is a nice complement to Schön's book The Reflective Practitioner.

Part II is on Executive Coaching Practices and has several articles based on adult developmental theory. If you read the book review on Peltier's Psychology of Executive Coaching you may recall that developmental psychology was the one psychological approach that was missing. That lack is addressed in this section of this book. I was particularly engaged by the couple of articles talking about Kegan's work on different orders of thinking. Each article has a list of references at the end so the coach who wants more knows where to begin his or her research.

Part III will be useful to you if you are creating an executive coaching program within an organization. There are four articles that outline the pitfalls of an executive coaching program, how to align the program with business strategy and when to use internal versus external coaches.

Part IV and Part V address specific issues that can come up in executive coaching and unique audiences (entrepreneurs and cross-cultural) the executive coach may encounter. Depending upon your situation, you may find these two parts more or less valuable.

If you want a general overview to executive coaching from a variety of perspectives, this book might be just the one for you.








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