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Dead Poetís Society
Director: Peter Weir
Starring: Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard, Ethan Hawke ...
Length: 128 minutes
Rated: PG (MPAA)
Studio: Disney Home Video

In this film Robin Williams brilliantly plays the role of the English professor John Keating at a private boys preparatory school. The film demonstrates not only great teaching, but great coaching. Williams uses a variety of domains to teach his students about poetry including drama, athletics, body movement exercises and the social group.

By accessing a variety of domains and being an authentic human being himself, Williams opens his students to see more possibilities for themselves. Each of the boys in the film steps into taking more risks to express who they are at their core. Becoming whole is not without its risks, and there is tragedy in this film. At the close of the film you have a chance to see how Williamsí students have internalized his influence and become self-coaches in pursuit of an honest, authentic voice.

If you saw this film before, watch it again from the perspective of how you can apply Williamsí strategies to coaching yourself into your own possibilities.






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