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Who Are YouCorporate Mystic

by Gay Hendricks, Kate Ludeman

Bantam Press, 212 pps.
ISBN: 055337494X
Publication Date: 1996

I like this book. It is a solid, useful application of spiritual principles to leadership. It begins by considering the leader as a "source"-- a source for integrity, vision and intuition in the organization. Roughly half of the book is dedicated to exploring these three concepts.

As the source of integrity in the organization, a leader needs to be authentic with him/herself, authentic with others and honor all commitments. When a leader has mastered integrity, then she can move on to being a source for the vision of the organization. Intention lies behind vision and includes the intention for wholeness and balance. Declaring a clear vision requires clearing away obstacles such as complacency, guilt, fear, "because," and idea-slayers.

Finally, with integrity and vision the leader can activate the third factor of intuition. The authors are quick to say that intuition can not be learned by reading a book. That said, they do a credible job of describing intuition, how to become more skillful at it, and what blocks it.

The final part of the book lists several practices that a leader can use to enhance their capacity to be a source of integrity, vision and intuition. These are wonderful practices that can be completed in 10 minutes or less. This reviewer has tested most of the practices and found
them to be very useful. The Integrity FACT sheet is especially helpful when you're experiencing a conflict with someone.

At the very end there is a summary of the book in the form of seven rules for business success that would be wonderful to post in your day planner, or some other conspicuous place as a reminder for what it takes to be a "visionary with your feet on the ground."








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