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-by Frank Ball, owner, Frank Ball & Associates, Coaching and Organization Development Consulting, Montclair, Va.

At last, a book on coaching that anyone in an organization can use! This short and well-written book is full of ideas and tools to help anyone wanting to achieve excellence and push their potential, whether they sit in the executive suite or work on the shop floor. All can benefit from the very same principles the authors use to coach leaders, executives, and entire organizations to help them stay on track.

Organizations that adopt the principles in this book will foster a coaching culture, an environment where managers and employees can learn to be more effective and to bring their best work forward. Given the amount of change in our world today, organizations need to be able to develop leadership among all of their employees.

Managers, mentors, HR professionals, and others whose responsibilities include developing themselves as well as others will find this book to be extremely practical and useful. This book successfully combines the rigor of a coaching textbook and the easy accessibility of a popular self-help book.

As for me, I plan to give this book as a "graduation" gift to every one of my coaching clients and as a stocking stuffer to all of my favorite people.








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