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Director: Chris Noonan
Starring: Christine Cavanaugh, Miriam Margolyes, Danny Mann ...

Length: 92 minutes
Rated: G
Studio: Universal Studios

What better time than the holiday season to view a magical film whose main underlying message is about kindness and belonging?

Babe is a treasure of a film. Each animal character plays a role in helping the viewer earn about the power of kindness, as exemplified in Babe, the young pig who takes a just do it” attitude in achieving a place for himself on Farmer Hoggett’s farm. Fortunately for Babe, Farmer Hoggett is a man with vision. He sees something special in Babe the day he won him at the fair and brings him home, thus saving Babe from a trip to the slaughterhouse. Babe, who watches his parents being trucked off with other short-lived pigs, becomes acutely aware of the gift of life the farmer has given him. However, once he’s on the farm, Babe soon realizes that Mrs. Hoggett thinks pigs make great dinners, and so Babe goes about finding ways to make himself useful so as to stay off her holiday platter.

He befriends a kooky duck, a duck who acts like the rooster (and therefore has a useful place in the farm’s routine). Together, the two of them go about challenging the farm’s established order and finding ways not only to win more life for themselves, but to make others on the farm winners too.

Fortunately, Farmer Hoggett also is a challenger of the status quo. He risks the ridicule of fellow farmers and Mrs. Hoggett in his determination to turn Babe into a sheepherder, and Babe flourishes knowing that someone believes in him. Babe is a bridge-builder, an underdog who turns into an achiever and breaks out of the roles “assigned” to pigs, and who, with his kindness, turns into the leader of all the animals. His sense of justice and rightness prevails, he turns into a darned fine sheepherder, and leaves us, the viewer, with the sense that so much is possible when we give without expecting anything in return, when we have a vision and the doggedness to bring it to life, and when we have the support of others who believe in us. We suggest you watch this film and bathe in the richness of its many good messages.




 Questions For Reflection:



In what ways are you kind? Openly? Quietly? Anonymously?

Who are those who have been kind to you in your life?

Who has believed in you?

How do you let people know that you believe in them?

Is there someone who could benefit from your kindness or gratitude today?





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