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As Good As It Gets
Director: James L. Broks
Starring: Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt...

Length: 139 minutes
Rated: PG-13
Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios

This is a beautiful movie for showing how changing domains can help you change your life.

In the film, Melvin (Jack Nicholson), is an obsessive compulsive writer who has little in his life besides his neurosis and his writing. But all that changes when life circumstances force him into the domain of relationships. Two relationships begin his transformation. First the relationship with his gay neighbor Simon (Greg Kinnear) and Simon's dog. And second, Melvin's relationship with the waitress Carol (Helen Hunt), who he depends upon for the fulfillment of one of his compulsive rituals.

The film shows the gradual weakening of Melvin's obsessive compulsive traits as he moves more deeply into the domain of relationships. Even though Melvin wrote best selling novels about love and romance, those tomes could not take him out of his neurosis. But when he experiences relationships live and in the moment, he can't hold onto his compulsions.

Watching this film for what it can teach about shifting domains is only one reason to watch it. It also has a lot to say about relationships in general that you're sure to enjoy


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